Welcome to Birmingham, Alabama!

To the Aerospace Innovative Technology Summit and the Automotive Advanced Technology Summit participants…

Birmingham is a region built by innovators. It was founded in 1871 as a new, pioneering, industrial region in an agricultural state that quickly became the largest population center and economic region in Alabama and the New South by the turn of the 20th Century. In the 1960s, Birmingham was the center of the Civil Rights Movement, with citizens pushing for social change and attracting national attention to the cause.

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Since then, Birmingham has become a pioneer in medical research and science, with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Southern Research leading advancements in life science in the state. Birmingham is a leader in transportation innovation, both big and small, from five major Interstates that can access 38 percent of the country’s population in one day, to being the first North American city to adopt e-assist bikeshare technology.

Birmingham has re-invented itself from an old industrial region into a robust economic engine, driving finance, advanced manufacturing, biosciences and technology and touting a vibrant Southern city of diverse people, food, culture, public spaces, business and innovation.

Did you know Birmingham’s Cost of Living is 90 percent of the national average? Learn more about living in Birmingham.

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