Bibb County Profile

Bibb county is located between the population centers of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

This strategic position has increased the economic development potential of the county. In 2016, Bibb County had one of metropolitan Birmingham’s largest announced projects when German automotive supplier, MöllerTech, announced it would construct a $46.3 million manufacturing facility to supply the nearby Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facility and create 222 new jobs. 

Bibb County is the least populated metropolitan Birmingham county. More than 40 percent of the county’s workforce commutes to either Jefferson or Tuscaloosa Counties for employment. Bibb County has experienced an overall bachelor degree attainment growth rate slightly below metropolitan Birmingham’s growth rate of 10.4 percent. The county had a substantial 86 percent increase in graduate or professional degrees between 2010 and 2015, which is nearly six times faster than the U.S. increase of 15.6 percent.


2018 Demographic Summary

  • Population Total - 23,606
  • Households - 8,139
  • Average Household Size - 2.59
  • Median Age - 38.8
  • Average Household Income - $49,823
  • Median Household Income - $39,187
  • Per Capita Income - $18,295

Things to do in Bibb County

Brierfield Ironworks & Historical Park

Cahaba River - The Cahaba River is among the longest free-flowing rivers in the Southern United States and is among the nation’s most scenic and biologically diverse rivers. The Cahaba River is a major tributary of the Alabama River and is part of the larger Mobile River Basin. A popular canoeing destination, the river is 191 miles (307 km) long and drains an area of 1,870 square miles (4,800 km2). Feature in the August 2009 issue of the Smithsonian magazine, the Cahaba has more fish species per-mile than any other river in North America and has an abundance of rare and endangered snails, mussels and other aquatic species along with a treasure trove of rare plants growing in and near the river. Birmingham News, July 2009


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