Industrial Development Board of
the City of Birmingham

The Industrial Development Board (IDB) of the City of Birmingham was formed in 1964 and is responsible for:

  • Granting industrial development tax abatements within the City of Birmingham.

  • Assistance in the location or expansion of industry within the City.

  • Issuing industrial revenue bonds.

The IDB is composed of a seven-member Board of Directors appointed at-large for six-year terms by the Birmingham City Council.


Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Birmingham Business Alliance, located at 505 20th St. N., Suite 200, Birmingham, AL 35203.

  • Meeting Notices (a link will be provided to show the meeting notices)

  • Meeting Minutes (a link will be provided with an archive of meeting minutes)


  • Diane Roehrig (Chairman)

  • Willie Casey (Vice Chairman)

  • Kirk Atkinson

  • Carol Clarke

  • David Perry

  • Stanley Turner

  • Darryl Ward


  • Board Secretary: Nan Baldwin

  • Board Treasurer: Paula Smith

  • Board Attorney: Ben Spratling

    For additional information, please contact:

    Nan Baldwin, Secretary

    (205) 241-8114

Tax Abatements are available for non-educational property taxes in the state of alabama on the following:

  • Land (if donated, based on the market value)

  • Existing building(s)

  • Existing equipment

  • Existing personal property

  • New building construction

  • New additions to existing building(s)

  • New manufacturing machinery

  • New personal property (non-manufacturing machinery, office equipment, computers, etc.)

  • Sales taxes for building materials and/or machinery

Time period for abatements is stated in the inducement. Most are granted for 10 years. There is an expectation of new and/or retained jobs in the community, in addition to the tangible investment in the physical assets.

Each taxing entity has the option of providing additional incentives. Such incentives are determined by the local authority.


The following are qualifying business activities under Section 40-9B-3, Code Alabama 1975:

  • Industrial or Research Enterprise – Any trade or business in the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS), promulgated by the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Management and Budget as:  Sectors 31 (except National Industry 311811) 32, and 33, Subsectors 423, 424, 511, and 927.  Industry Groups 5417, 5415, and 5182, Industries 48691 and 11331, National Industries 115111, 517110, 541380, 561422 (in bound call centers only).  Also included is any process or treatment facility which recycles, reclaims, or converts materials, which include solids, liquids or gases, to a reusable product.

  • Subsector 493, Industry Number 488310, or 488320 when such trade or business is conducted on premises in which the Alabama State Port Authority has an ownership, leasehold or other possessory interest and such remises are used as part of the operations in the Alabama State Port Authority. These projects require written approval of the Governor, Finance Director and the Director of the Alabama Sate Port Authority.

  • Any underground natural gas storage facility which is located in the Gulf Opportunity Zone, developed from existing geologic reservoirs.

  • Headquarters facility – Any trade or business in the 2007 North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS), promulgated by the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Management and Budget as National Industry 551114 at which at least 50 new jobs are located.

  • Data Processing Center – an establishment, at which at least 50 jobs are located, engaged in the procession of complete processing and specialized reports from data, the provision of automated data processing and data entry services, the provision of an infrastructure for hosting or data processing services, the provision of specialized hosting activities, the provision of application service provisioning, the provision of general timeshare mainframe, facilities, or some combination of the foregoing, without regard to whether any other activities are conducted at the establishment.

  • Research & Development Facility – An establishment engaged in conducting original investigations undertaken on a systematic basis to gain new knowledge and/or applying research findings or other scientific knowledge to create new or significantly improved products or processes.

  • Renewable Energy facility – Any plant, property or facility that either:

    1. Produces electricity or natural gas, in whole or in part, from biofuels as such term is defined in Section 2-290(c)(2) or from renewable energy resources as such term is defined in Section 40-18-1(30) with the exception that hydropower production shall be excluded from such definition; or

    2. Produces biofuel as such term is defined in Section 2-2-90(c)(2).