International Seminars, Services and Resources

International Seminars
Throughout the year, the BBA presents various seminars for area businesses to assist them with exporting their products. Some of these seminars are country specific while some are industry specific. Other training seminars cover the mechanics of exporting such as financing, locating distributors, methods of payment, export documentation and transportation. To receive notification of seminars related to international trade, contact Emily Jerkins (205) 241-8108.


Certificate of Origin Documentation
Every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed. The BBA attests to the origin of goods by embossing our seal on a document called the certificate of origin. The BBA processes certificates of origin for area manufacturers to export their products. The BBA’s standard procedure is to stamp our seal on a manufacturer’s document, upon demand, if the manufacturer brings to the BBA the original certificate, a copy of the certificate, and an accompanying invoice for the certificate. We maintain for our records, a copy of the certificate and the invoice. Some of these documents may also need to be notarized. The cost per certificate is $6 for investors of the Birmingham Business Alliance and $12 for nonmembers. Please contact Niki Anthony (205) 241-8112.


International Library and Helpful Links
A reference library is maintained by the U.S. Commercial Service for international trade including country specific information on over 50 countries.


The BBA can also refer companies to sources of export assistance with our trade allies. The BBA works in partnership with the Export Alabama Alliance, Alabama District Export Council, Alabama International Trade Centers and the U.S. Commercial Service to provide information and resources on exporting to companies in the region. The BBA serves as a clearinghouse for these organizations.


Legislative Involvement
The BBA alerts its members of legislative issues that affect international trade so that companies can voice their views to their representatives.