Automotive supplier MöllerTech begins hiring in Bibb County

German automotive supplier MöllerTech is on the road to securing talent for its $46.3 million manufacturing facility in Bibb County, with five to six Operator positions already filled, according to AIDT. The company is expected to create 222 jobs upon completion of the facility.

Construction continues on MöllerTech’s  new facility in Bibb County.

Construction continues on MöllerTech’s  new facility in Bibb County.

MöllerTech is working closely with AIDT, the state’s premiere workforce development service, and formed the first pre-employment training class that should begin within a few months. The AIDT program provides a full range of customized technical training programs that are offered at no cost to employers and trainees. According to AIDT, MöllerTech will hire eight to 10 Operators from the first pre-employment class, who will travel to Germany later this year for further training. Interested candidates can apply here.

MöllerTech announced in October 2016 it would build a plant in the Scott G. Davis Industrial Park in Bibb County to manufacture interior parts for the next generation Mercedes-Benz SUVs and is expected to be at full production by the end of 2019.

MöllerTech’s North American President reflected on the company’s choice to expand in Bibb County last year.

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“Our Möller culture is very much centered on people and local communities and because of that we find that there is ‘a good fit’ between MöllerTech and Bibb County,” said North American President and CEO Steve Jordan. “We would like to thank the State of Alabama as well as Bibb County in being patient and supporting us in this new venture of ours.”

The Bibb County Commission, the Alabama Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, Alabama Gas Corporation, Alabama Power Co. and the Birmingham Business Alliance worked cohesively to bring the project to the Birmingham region.