Innovation Week Partner Spotlight: TechBirmingham

The 2017 Innovation Week Birmingham begins next week – August 18 through August 25 – and leading up to the week the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) is highlighting more partners and sponsors that help make Innovation Week Birmingham possible.

TechBirmingham is a proud partner of Innovation Week, and has helped make integral advances in the Magic City tech scene over the years. Jennifer Skjellum, president of TechBirmingham, spoke with the BBA about the significance of Innovation Week and TechBirmingham in the community.

Jennifer Skjellum, president of TechBirmingham

Jennifer Skjellum, president of TechBirmingham

BBA: How does your organization promote innovation in Birmingham?

Skjellum: TechBirmingham helps foster a collaborative environment among the tech community which in turn helps nourish innovative thinking, practices and discovery in our city.  The value of innovation is the execution and without the right resources to make that happen it is just an idea.  Working with entrepreneurs, companies, technologists and community leaders, we provide a platform where innovation and new ideas can be shared and take form.

BBA: What aspects do you feel make Birmingham an innovative city?

Skjellum: Birmingham benefits from a diverse population and a creative spirit. We have all the components necessary to foster innovation: the maker spaces, artists, educational institutions, startup incubators, co.starters. But most importantly people in Birmingham have grit, determination, a desire to make Birmingham the best city possible, and talent.

BBA: Why is it important to have a week that highlights innovation in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a thriving, vibrant city which is still unknown to many, so an event which showcases our talent, people and companies, and brings a national spotlight to all that we have going on here is critical. Innovation Week allows us to showcase the opportunities to people who live in Birmingham as well as those from across the country.

Be sure to check out the 2017 Innovation Week calendar for more events during the week.