New and expanding: Birmingham Control Systems’ facility quadrupling in size


With a growing customer base, Birmingham Control Systems announced recently it is building a new fabrication facility that will be four times the size of its current footprint.

The company, a provider of control panels and control buildings, currently is housed in a 5,000-square-foot space off of Arkadelphia Road and is building a 19,500-square-foot facility in the Morgan Road area.

This facility, along with the fabrication equipment to fill it, makes up a large portion of the $1.95 million investment the company announced recently, landing it on the Birmingham Business Alliance’s New and Expanding Industry List from 2018. The company also plans to add 40 jobs over the next three to four years, said president Sammy Montalbano. The company’s growth is attributed to an expanding customer base across all 50 states thanks to an uptick in the economy, he said.

“As the economy has picked up, a lot of people and companies have really felt the need to increase,” Montalbano said.

Birmingham Control Systems started in a basement in 1995 and grew from there to its current location off Arkadelphia, where 25 are employed. The company builds electrical control panels for utility and industrial companies, among other industries. It also builds, controls and monitors substations – facilities that take electrical power from a high voltage down to usable voltages for commercial and residential customers.

“We’d like to expand into some other industries and are looking towards doing more on the industrial and commercial side with continued growth in the power industry,” Montalbano said. “So many companies are trying to develop things like electric cars, and that will add more to the grid and there will be more need for substations. Also, there will need to be upgrades to support usage of electricity as more people move into the country. As our population increases, there will be an increase in substations.”

The Birmingham Business Alliance appreciates the continued investment the company is making in the Birmingham region and looks forward to supporting its future growth, said Mark Brown, Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion at the BBA.

“This is a true success story of an industrial company founded here 24 years ago that has become a leading provider of control panels and control buildings supporting the needs of our manufacturing and utility industry sectors,” Brown said. “This expansion has allowed Birmingham Control Systems to increase its capacity and capabilities to serve its current and future customers throughout the country.”