BBA thanks legislators for support in passing Rebuild Alabama Act

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed her priority legislation, Rebuild Alabama, into law this week after the State Senate passed it on a 28-6 vote.

The Rebuild Alabama Act will give Alabama an additional $310 million annually to improve infrastructure across the state, providing money to all of Alabama’s 67 counties to begin roadwork improvements as early as next year. Alabama’s gas tax will be raised by 10 cents over three years to help increase funding for infrastructure.

Infrastructure funding has been a key item on the BBA’s state legislative agenda for years. The BBA reached out to legislators in its seven-county region to thank them for their leadership and support.

The Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) was a strong supporter of the bill, as it will help fund projects across the state, ultimately spurring job growth and ensuring that Alabama is able to successfully compete for new business. In addition to economic growth and job creation, quality of life and public safety were other reasons the BBA cited for its support of the legislation.

“The BBA supports the Rebuild Alabama Act and its intended purpose of increasing Alabama’s public investment in transportation infrastructure, promoting economic growth and increasing public safety on Alabama’s roads,” said Greg Curran, Chairman of the Firm, Maynard Cooper & Gale PC and Vice Chairman of the BBA’s Public Policy Committee.

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