business retention & expansion

The Birmingham Business Alliance’s Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) program is for regional companies ranging from startups to the largest employers based on target clusters defined in the Blueprint 2020 strategic plan. Through hundreds of onsite, one-on-one visits, the BBA economic development staff works with companies to provide information on growth opportunities and understand issues that may hinder growth for a company, while using the data to spot larger trends in the overall local economy. 

The goal of the visits is to identify expansion opportunities and potential threats while developing a strong working relationship with the existing business base, assisting them with information, resources and relationships to grow their business. 

The BRE program is one component of the overall economic development strategy of the BBA in its effort to create jobs, capital investment and better quality of life throughout the Birmingham seven-county region.

The goal of these company visits is to:

  • Build strong working relationships with existing businesses.
  • Identify expansion opportunities and potential threats.
  • Connect businesses to resources.
  • Share recent regional industry trends and initiatives.

Typical conversation topics during visits include:

  • Expansion & growth opportunities
  • Partner resources
  • Available incentives
  • Workforce solutions
  • Market research
  • Impact of public policy on your business
  • Opportunities to start or expand your businesses imports/exports

For questions or to learn more, email Mark Brown or call (205) 241-8135.