existing industry

Birmingham's existing businesses account for three out of four jobs added to the region every year – making existing businesses vital to the region's growing economy.

The Birmingham Business Alliance's Business Retention and Expansion Program, in partnership with our economic development allies, strives to retain and grow Birmingham's existing businesses by providing personalized assistance. From startups to the region's largest employers, our economic development professionals meet annually with at least 80 company executives through our one-on-one, on-site executive visitation program.

The goal of these company visits is to:

  • Build strong working relationships with existing businesses.
  • Identify expansion opportunities and potential threats.
  • Connect businesses to resources.
  • Share recent regional industry trends and initiatives.

Typical conversation topics during these visits include:

  • Partner resources
  • Available incentives
  • Workforce solutions
  • Market research
  • Impact of public policy on your business
  • Opportunities to start or expand your businesses imports/exports

For questions or to learn more, email Mark Brown or call (205) 241-8135.