Grow your business globally with the help of BBA and its partners’ services, designed to make your business and the Birmingham region more competitive.

When Birmingham businesses sell goods and services across the world, it creates and supports jobs in our region. The Birmingham region’s diverse economy, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and logistical advantages provide a solid foundation for continued international trade growth in the region.

The Birmingham Business Alliance and its Export Alabama Alliance (EAA) partners are committed to supporting international trade, particularly among small to mid-sized businesses.

Learn more about International Companies by Country here and learn more about BBA’s International Trade program below.



BBA’s International Trade Program is led by an International Trade Council comprised of industry leaders and international trade experts. BBA’s International Trade Council partners with the Export Alabama Alliance (EAA) to promote trade opportunities for businesses at every stage of the export process by providing the following services:

  • Introduce companies to free, professional trade experts
  • Host exporting workshops, country market briefings, and trade policy seminars
  • Promote state-led trade missions
  • Host inbound business delegations
  • Promote online trade resources

If you’re interested in learning more about international trade opportunities available to your company, please contact Emily Jerkins (205) 241-8108.


The BBA fosters international collaborations and partnerships to promote trade and investments in the Birmingham region. Strong diplomatic relations at the local level ultimately increases international trade activity and foreign direct investment opportunities in the Birmingham region.

To support existing foreign-based companies in the Birmingham region and to attract additional foreign direct investment, BBA participates in key international organizations:

  • Japan America Society of America
  • Alabama Germany Partnership
  • Alabama India Business Partnership

Are you a member of a diplomatic delegation interested in visiting Birmingham? The BBA can provide guidance and facilitate your agenda. To coordinate your delegation’s visit to Birmingham, contact Nan Baldwin or call (205) 241-8108.


Export Documentation
BBA supports the day-to-day operation of exporters and freight forwarders by attesting to the origin of Birmingham goods. If your company is interested in BBA’s export documentation services, please check out the information below to get started.

Certificate of Origin Documentation
Every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed. The BBA attests to the origin of goods by embossing our seal on a document called the certificate of origin. The BBA processes certificates of origin for area manufacturers to export their products. The BBA’s standard procedure is to stamp our seal on a manufacturer’s document, upon demand, if the manufacturer brings to the BBA the original certificate, a copy of the certificate, and an accompanying invoice for the certificate.

How much does a certificate cost?

  • For Birmingham Business Alliance Investors: $6
  • For non-investors: $12

What do you need to provide?

  • Original certificate
  • Copy of certificate
  • Commercial invoice

Who do you need to contact?
Niki Tarver (205) 241-8112.

Export Assistance
U.S. Commercial Service Alabama offers a full range of services to companies at every stage of the exporting process. These services include:

  • Trade counseling
  • Market intelligence
  • Business matchmaking
  • Commercial Diplomacy.

For customized, one-on-one consultation, please reach out to the Birmingham U.S. Export Assistance Center at (205) 731-1331 or Birmingham.office.box@trade.gov.


The BBA’s public policy division aims to promote economic growth in the Birmingham region in part through trade-related policy matters such as:

  • Identifying & supporting policies that foster regional international trade activity.
  • Advocating for Birmingham’s international trade community.

Below are the top trade policy priorities for the BBA in 2018.

  • Long-term reauthorization of the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank
  • Modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

To learn more, please see the 2018 BBA Federal Agenda. (link to agenda)

If your company is or anticipates being impacted by trade policy, please let our international trade policy team know by emailing Elizabeth Paul or call
(205) 241-8107.


A list of helpful resources to help your company grow globally.

International Trade Resource Guide
The Alabama International Trade Resource Guide addresses the information and resource needs of businesses in the state that are interested in creating or expanding their global presence. Over 300 private and public regional organizations whose goal is to serve the needs of the international community are listed.

A Basic Guide to Exporting
Whether you're a startup or a mature business, this guide breaks down virtually every issue a new exporter might face. Get started now and you will gain the confidence to become an international sensation.

Export Education
Comprehensive series of export articles including our latest video series detailing the export process.

Guide to Global eCommerce
Learn about digital commerce and explore best practices to sell more online, overseas.

Trade Finance Guide
The Trade Finance Guide provides the basics of financing techniques from cash-in-advance to government assisted foreign buyer financing.

Interested in receiving notices about international trade events? Email Emily Jerkins or call (205) 214-8108.