Public policy

The Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) is charged with creating increased economic prosperity in our region in part through our advocacy and governmental affairs work. The BBA’s public policy efforts are aimed at addressing issues of regional significance to help move the region forward while providing a unified voice for the business community with our elected officials in Congress. The public policy division is the advocacy arm of the BBA and actively lobbies the local, state and federal governments to further the BBA’s mission.

The BBA compiles annual legislative federal and state agendas which determine the top advocacy items and priorities for the upcoming year.  The agendas cover all areas that affect economic development such as tax, transportation and transit, health care, education and workforce development, and energy and the environment. Last year’s successes that the BBA helped support include renewal of the state historic tax credit program, pre-k expansion, passage of a sales and use tax exemption for Southern Research, and the Alabama Jobs Act. The BBA can help advocate for or monitor significant issues of importance to your industry or organization.

Governmental Affairs Committee

The Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is comprised of governmental affairs professionals, elected and public officials and other interested BBA investors who are involved with public policy from around the region. The GAC typically meets on the third Monday of every month, beginning in January. Each meeting features a guest speaker to highlight, discuss and address legislative issues affecting industry in our region. 

The GAC is also tasked with the creation the BBA’s annual State and Federal Legislative Agendas. The committee provides an opportunity for governmental affairs professionals and executives to work together to develop the legislative agendas, which highlight a variety of the business community’s top priorities.  Furthermore, the GAC assists and supports the BBA staff to ensure funding and positioning on issues of importance to the business community as a whole.

The 2019 GAC Chairman is Jeff Rabren of Regions Bank. Please contact Elizabeth Paul to learn more about the work of the Governmental Affairs Committee.